Important reminder for staying in Japan

Status of residence
To be enrolled at a Japanese university, your status of residence must be “College Student.” If you are to proceed to university education from a Japanese-language education institution, the status must be changed from “Precollege student” to “College Student.” If a foreign student is expelled or requested to leave NIT, the student should return to his/her country immediately. Otherwise, he/she may be considered as an illegal immigrant.

Alien registration
All foreigners who intend to stay in Japan for more than 90 days must register within 90 days of the date of entry into Japan at the ward or municipal office of the district in which they live to obtain a certificate of alien registration.

Necessary documents for registration

1. Application form for alien registration (available at the municipal office)
2. Two photographs (45 mm (long)×35 mm (wide), taken within the last six months)
3. Passport
It is advisable to keep copies of your “certificate of alien registration” and passport separately from the originals. It is also advisable to always keep the information written on such documents on your person.

When details of registration are changed

If the address, name, nationality, status of residence, information on acquisition/renewal of passport, home address, alias or any other registration information changes, students must report it within 14 days to the municipal office of the district in which they live. Students must also notify the Student Support Affairs Division (this applies also to the change of cellular phone number).

Loss of certificate of alien registration

Immediately notify the police. You must obtain a “loss certificate” from the police, and mmediately visit the municipal office for re-issuance. If you have a copy of the original certificate with you, the process will be relatively smooth. For re-issuance, your passport and two photographs are required.


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