Medical treatment and insurance

Health care
The most important thing about living in Japan, which has a vastly different culture and language from your home country, is to keep yourself healthy. Make sure to takecare of yourself. In the university, there are the following facilities to assist international students with their health care.

Medical treatment room

Next to the gymnasium is the Health Support Center, within which, there is a medical treatment room. Here, health and medical nurses are available on a full-time basis. One can receive medical treatment for slight injuries and initial symptoms of a cold, and consultation on health matters. A doctor is also available for health consultation every Friday (3:00 pm – 5:00 pm). No fee will be charged, so feel free to visit and talk with the doctor.

Medical check

Every international student must take a regular health check conducted by the university every year. This is free of charge. There may be cases where a medical certificate is required for a scholarship application procedure or to apply for an employment examination in Japan. If you do not take this regular health check, you must consult a doctor on your own, which may be expensive.

National Health Insurance
When you receive medical treatment for diseases or injuries while staying in Japan, you may need to pay high medical fees. To reduce such medical costs, it is highly recommended that you enroll in the National Health Insurance system. All foreigners staying in Japan for longer than one year are required to enroll in this system. Subscribers to this system need pay only 30% of the medical treatment fee incurred at medical institutions.
Because all the students of NIT are also covered by another form of accident insurance, please notify the Student Support Affairs Division in case of injury.

How to enroll in National Health Insurance

You can enroll at your local municipal office. Health insurance premium will be incurred once you enroll in this system. The premium may be reduced if you meet the designated criteria (legal reduced-payment plan). Please consult the local municipal office to apply for the plan.


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