Facilities for students

Supporting the education and life on campus

Orientation for the incoming students
  New students will face the world that is totally different from their high school days.
To make them easier to adjust, we offer an orientation for the incoming students regarding classes and campus, guide them on how and when to register for the courses, and teach them what they need to know before the classes start. We also provide them a brief campus tour to introduce them to the campus.

Student Hour
  Each faculty takes time outside the class to counsel each student on his/her studies, future plans and other matters. The date and time available by each faculty will be announced as Student Hour Time Table.

Freshman seminar
  In each department, freshman seminar to the incoming students will be held. During this seminar, students will be taught how to register, informed about various group seminars and laboratories of the department, how to write a report, etc. Information and regulations about the department that all students should know will be introduced at this seminar.

Information on class cancellation
  If and when the class or classes will be cancelled, such information will be posted on the university’s bulletin board. Such information is also available through mobile phone.

Lockers and resting room for girls
  For the first three years, students will be able to use a locker that the university rents out. Furthermore, for the girls, there is a locker room with powder room attached to it. This locker room consists of a lounge space with an air-conditioner and a lavatory. The alarm installed here is directly connected with the security guard’s office.

Supporting the students' health

Health and Physical Education Center
  To enable the students to concentrate on studying without worrying about his/her health, the Health and Physical Education Center conducts medical checkups, health consultations and health surveys. Through such activities, the center strives for early detection of health problems and maintenance/promotion of health. There is also a training room and sports facilities to support health promotion and fitness.

Regular Health Check
  Regular Health Check is offered at the beginning of each academic year for all the students and the staffs of the university.

  Health consultation by the doctor
  Once a week, consultation by a doctor on specific matters is available.
  Full-time consultation and first-aid
  A health and medical nurses are at the center on a full time basis. Blood pressure check, urine check, health consultation and first aid in case of emergency are available.

Student Counseling
Counseling by the professional counselor is available. Counselor will listen to any kinds of personal problems such as “worried about my family”, “can’t get along with other people”, “can’t enjoy the college life”, “can’t make friends”, “feel lonesome living alone”. Don’t carry it all by yourself, feel free to knock the door.

Casualty Insurance
All students are covered with Insurance for accidents and injury. Insurance will be paid when the students are injured in an accident while they are engaged in research and educational activities.

Supporting the Family

Individual interview at the discussion session held by the district
  Hosted by The Parents’ Supportive Association, an educational meeting is held every year by the district, to promote further exchange between parents and faculty. During this meeting, individual interviews are held. Based on the student’s transcript, faculties will discuss about his/her circumstances with the parents and strives to solve any problems he/her may face at earliest stage. The data of such interview will be kept as “interview carte” and will be kept for the full four years in order to provide meticulous and individually-targeted support. Such exchange of information between parents and the faculty is well received since it is a very precious opportunity to come in direct contact with the university and is the best way to know how the students are doing at the university.


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