Department of ARCHITECTURE

Department of ARCHITECTURE

From urban development to dwelling spaces – aiming for an attractive and favorable environment.
The Department of Architecture aims
to nurture architects and architectural engineers that can produce attractive and safe environments in urban developments and in everyday living spaces. Each student arranges their own curriculum based on their ambition and individuality.

Specialized courses:
Students of this department aim to become architects, urban planners, construction firm field superintendents, and structural engineers. Students choose one of two specialized courses, depending on their career ambition they arrange their own curriculum. Students may also study beyond such disciplines.

Architecture/Urban Design Course
This course covers all skills from sketching, planning and designing of architecture to urban development. It puts emphasis on drafting and designing, using both free-hand and CAD. Students can also
study area planning, the history of architecture and historical environments. The course nurtures worldclass architects and architectural engineers involved in sketching, designing and site supervising at architectural offices and construction companies.

Structure and Environment Engineering Course
The goal of this course is to produce earthquake and other natural disaster resistant buildings and provide safe and comfortable habitats by realizing architecture through engineering. Placing emphasis on
structural experiments and environmental engineering, we nurture experts with a high ability in detecting
and solving problems. Completion of the course will lead to a managment construction position at a building firm or in various fields utilizing the construction and environmental design skills gained.


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