Department of COMPUTER & INFORMATION Engineering

Department of COMPUTER & INFORMATION Engineering

Nurturing integrated power to be active in this highly networked information society.
Founded on our slogan, “Manufacturing starts with Design”, we aim to nurture human resources that can develop, design and establish various information systems. Based on their research topic, students can choose from various
information technology fields such as Internet application, digital contents, graphic systems and welfare information systems.

Specialized courses:
Aiming to equip students with specialities useful for the diversity of information technology, the department offers three courses. Students interested in humanities may also choose an attractive course.

Computer Network Course
This course focuses on two technologies; the embedded system technology supporting ubiquitous com-puting such as wireless tags and sensor microcomputers, and multi-network technology connecting various information instruments such as mobile phones and laptop computers. The graduates may progres to a career in the field of designing and establishing information systems.

Software Design Course
The course aims to establish information systems appropriate for fields such as Internet business, welfare and others. Through practical workshops, students study analytic designs, development and man-agement methods of software. Based on such skills, database, information instruments and artificial in-telligence are combined to establish advanced information systems.

Human Media Course
Aiming to establish a user-friendly information environment, the course studies media system establish-ment and media designs that connect users. Even those interested in humanities may express individu-ality in this humanities-science integrated course.


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