Department of PRODUCTS Engineering and ENVIRONMENTAL Management

Department of PRODUCTS Engineering and ENVIRONMENTAL Management

Nurturing experts in designing environmentally friendly products and envir onmental management.
The Department of Products Engineering and Environmental Management nurtures experts in environmentally friendly product design and production site environmental management. To make oneself useful right after graduation, we offer many subjects that include training to harness on-site sense and place emphasis on experiments.
Students will be provided with state-of-the-art information on environmental issues, and programs that make school life enjoyable and ecological at the same time.

Specialized courses:
We are at an age where environmental measures are valued as one of the key qualities of a product. In order to cope with such a situation, we need to take the environment into consideration at all stages of production, from the product’s design, to the end-of-life stage of each component. Products Engineering and Environmental Management is a new field that is becoming increasingly important to individuals, companies and governments. Graduates with knowledge in these areas are now in demand. The production process will assume a new character in the near future, as there will be increasing constraints on energy and natural resources. Despite such severe constraints systems to manage product manufacturing will be required in order to operate efficiently. Companies are actively recruiting for personnel who have studied and understand management systems for environmentally friendly product manufacturing.

Product Engineering and Environmental Harmony
This course helps students to become engineers who are able to make environmentally friendly products. Students can learn about design techniques and production methods, and how they relate to the environment. Each stage of a product’s life cycle is examined, including: design, production, disposal and recycling. Students will also learn and use the Environmental Measurement Method.

Environmental Management
This course uses the Environmental Management Method to allow students to propose and construct environmentally friendly cooperative systems for small and large organizations and communities. In addition to learning the Environmental Management Method, students will develop engineering skills that enable them to analyze and construct cooperative systems and to analyze their life cycle.


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