Department of INNOVATIVE SYSTEMS Engineering

Department of INNOVATIVE SYSTEMS Engineering

Nurturing engineers with flex-ibility and creativity.
Students will learn development technology full of creativity in next-generation manufacturing, centering on robotics and micro-nano-technology, which are both expected to generate exciting new possibilities. The Department
of Innovative Systems Engineering is where we nurture graduates who can redesign next- generation
manufacturing through fostering three abilities; the ability to create technical innovation during planning and designing, problem-solving ability to improve performance, and communication skills to pursue projects.

Specialized Courses
Responding to the demands of the times, the department provides two courses. Both of the courses aim to nurture engineers with flexibility, high expertise and comprehensiveness. Students may also study beyond such disciplines.

Robot Creative Course
With a firm foundation on specialized technologies such as mechanical, control, electronic information and material technologies, students will learn robotics aiming to develop fusion design technology connecting humans and machines. Through such studies, students will work on research and development of practical robotics.

Micro-Nano Creative Course
Micro-nano-technology has potential to dramatically change everyday life. Students will learn from a wider range of technologies such as development of functional material, micro/nanostructure fabrication, and functional structure organization. The graduates of this course may become active in multidisciplinary industry fields developing new materials and new technologies.


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