Nurturing experts to create comfortable interior spaces and senior-friendly living environments.
Here at the Department of Living En-vironment Design, using architectonics, students will lean about technologies necessary to design and achieve comfort in all living environments such as dwellings, public spaces, commercial and welfare spaces. We educate designers capable of creating comfortable interiors and experts who can provide senior-friendly living environments.

Specialized courses:
At this department, students may choose their courses based on the career they seek such as interior design, architectural engineering design and welfare and nursing care facilities. Students may also take courses outside such disciplines. We nurture designers creating comfortable interior space and architects providing senior-friendly living environments.

Dwelling Space Design Course
This course aims to produce designers with a sense of interior design and architectural skill who can offer total coordination for housing and shops. Students, after-learning basic architectural knowledge , will work on how to visualize and express interior space with drafting and design. We also emphasize the theoretical side of designing and actual manufacturing experience through furniture. This way, the students are able to acquire expertise.

Assisted Living Space Design Course
This course nurtures experts providing total coordination for designing a comfortable living and welfare
environment. After learning basic architectural knowledge, students work on drafting and design of dwelling spaces for the aging society. Students will also learn from actual experience through nursing
care and other dwelling environment workshops about people’s use of space. Through such experiences, students will be able to acquire specialized knowledge and skills.


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