Department of MECHANICAL Engineering

Department of MECHANICAL Engineering

Developing practical engineers in manufacturing with a sense of originality and enthusiasm.
The Department of MECHANICAL En-gineering aims to nurture practical en-gineers in manufacturing with strong enthusiasm for their work. An attractive curriculum is provided for such purposes.

Specialized courses:
Here at the Department of MECHANICAL Engineering, students can choose one of three specializedcourses depending on their career ambition. Possiblities include, designers of industrial products,technical experts for product management, or others. Students may also study beyond such disciplines:we provide specialized courses for those who aim to become experts such as engineering designers,or project leaders working on product development.

Product Design Course
How to design attractive products is the main focus of study. We cover almost every product and design from stationary to automobiles. Design with planning, design and material selection necessary for process management and manufacturing technology, namely, anything and everything related to product design can be studied. Furthermore, students become familiarized with CAD (Computer-Aided Design System) and can experience technology in practice including the most up-to-date CAM that allows 3D processing and CAE assisting the design and development process.

Practical Mechanical Engineering Program
This program nurtures engineers with a firm foundation of mechanical engineering who may work internationally by mastering a curriculum covering a broad range of practical engineering. Those completing this program (expected to apply for international certification) will acquire the qualification of “trained mechanical engineer” which will make it easier to become a professional engineer. One of the main characteristics of this program is that students may work on research and technical development requiring high expertise with the view of pursuing further study at graduate school level.

Mechanics Course
In this course, emphasis is placed on the structure and performance of advanced machinery such as ro-bots, automobiles and engines. Students will study mechanical analysis and understand the technology of mechanical control. We aim to nurture integrated ability indispensable in product development and ability to organize a system by carefully designing each component of the machinery. To fulfill such an aim, students will be trained on workshops, experiments and research. 3D CAD and CAE are effective-ly used for studying, thus nurturing engineers with practical experience.


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