Graduate School for Management of Technology

Learning while working: a one-year graduate program for adult students
General Outline
In this graduate school, members of the faculty – broadly experienced in industry – teach the basic theories of technical management, along with the practical knowledge and skills that managers and engineers of technical enterprises lack. The curriculum is arranged to cope with the busy schedule of working adults. Also considering the ever-changing environment of corporate management, the program can be finished in one year with classes held mainly on weekday evenings and on Saturdays – an intensive but effective way of studying. Through this curriculum, the school aims to strengthen the practical abilities of those working on the frontlines of industry and to give students the ability to acknowledge and solve challenges in management strategy, business-development strategy, and venturing strategy that relate to small and medium enterprises.
It is in this graduate school that NIT hopes to contribute to Japan’s technological society by providing efficient education in technology management to the key staff of small and medium enterprises that deal with technology. Such enterprises are, in fact, the core of Japan’s technological society.


Technology Management Course for small business
Technology management techniques, such as basic and practical knowledge and management strategy, are studied. By focusing on the specific business activities of small and medium enterprises, a wide range of business knowledge and concrete technology that managers of technical enterprises tend to lack are studied.


Project Management Course
To improve the actual ability to solve the many problems encountered by a company and to master a framework of systematic thinking in a challenging new field, project and program management (P2M), which is a prominent Japanese project management system, and concrete examples of its application to many business fields are studied.


Enterpreneurship Course
The knowledge and technology necessary for
(1) the management of a practical and actual venture business
(2) designing a business plan
(3) working out a realistic entrepreneurial process.Helping supporters, such as managers who support entrepreneurs, is also a focus.


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