Fall Enrollment for 2006 ADMISSION REQUIREMENT

Japanese Language Training Course for Overseas Students Attached to Nippon Institute of Technology

The students with outstanding academic records may be recommended to enter the undergraduate and graduate program of N.I.T.

1. Number of the students admitted

2. Schedule for the entrance exam
The admission schedule for the Fall Enrollment and afterwards is to be announced on a later date.
The details shall be posted on this website once decided.

3. Selection Criteria
Final admission decisions will be based on the preliminary screening and the interview held for those who passed the screening
Interviews are held for applicants (if residing in Japan) and legal guarantor in Japan. If applicants are residing outside Japan, interview will be held only for the guarantor.

4. Eligibility
Applicants must meet the following criteria to be eligible for this course
Completed 12 years of primary and secondary education outside Japan, or otherwise recognized as having equivalent qualifications.
Applicants who have Japanese language competence certified at or above the 4th level of the Japanese Language Aptitude Test.

5. Application Fee
An application fee of 20,000 yen must be paid at the bank, using the designated money transfer form. Payment slip with the receipt seal must be submitted along with other application documents. Cash or money order will not be accepted.

6. Required Documents

Application Documents
1) Application Form (designated form)
Please refer to ‘Direction for completing the application form’ for instructions on proper completion of the application.
2) Medical Certificate
3) Study Plan in Japan
This statement must be written in Japanese, or a Japanese translation must be attached to the original. 4) Affidavit of Financial Support An affidavit must be handwritten, signed or sealed by the person of financial responsibility.
5) Affidavit
Two additional affidavits must be provided: one addressed to N.I.T from the legal guarantor in the applicant’s country, and one to N.I.T. from the legal guarantor in Japan.
Both affidavits must be hand written signed or sealed by his/her guarantor(s).
Each affidavit must include a detailed statement handwritten, signed or sealed by the guarantor(s) explaining the background of becoming the applicant’s guarantor.
One photograph must be pasted in the specified section of the application form.
Three additional photographs must also be attached to each application.
All photographs must have been taken within three (3) months, feature a full frontal view, including the upper half of the body, with no hats or caps, and with no backgrounds.
The size should be 4 cm x 3cm in size.
All photographs must be signed on the back.
Certificate of Graduation
A diploma or certificate of graduation from high school or secondary school must accompany each application form.
Applicants, not yet graduated from secondary school, must submit a formal letter issued by the school indicating that he/she is expected to graduate on a certain date.
Certificate of graduation must be notarized.
Applicant who did not possess diplomas or certificate of graduation at the time of application, must obtain one upon graduation and submit it to NIT at the time of enrollment
Official Transcript
An official transcript from the school last attended must be submitted.
The transcript must show the all grades/scores and evaluations along with its criteria.
Certificate of Japanese Language Aptitude (Ability)
Certificate issued by Japanese language school, or by an institution that provides Japanese language education. It must indicate that the applicant has language ability
equal to, or higher than the 4th level as certified by the Japanese Language Aptitude Test.
A seal for Addressee
The designated N.I.T. form should be used for providing the address of either the applicant or the legal guarantor in Japan.
This will be used for mailing all necessary documents to the applicant.

Following documents on the Financial Supporter must be provided
1) Bank Statement
A bank statement, with balances indicated in Japanese yen or U.S. dollars.
2) Evidence of employment
Proof of employment or anyother documents that states his/her earnings.
3) Evidence of financial status
Documentation of the annual income (for the last three years)
4) Evidence of the relationship between the applicant and the financial supporter
Certified copies of a Japanese koseki t?hon, Certificate of Proving the Kinship (China) or other similar documentation may be accepted

The following documents on the Financial Supporter must be provided.
1) As Evidence of employment, either one of the below must be provided
A certificate of employment issued by the employer of the financial supporter.
Financial supporter, who is self-employed, may submit a copy of the current tax return.
If he or she is the owner of the company or company executive, an original copy of a register of the company. 2) Evidence of Income Tax Payment Evidence of the annual income (for the last three years) of the person paying the applicant’s educational expenses.
An original copy of a certificate for residential tax issued by the municipal office, indicating the guarantor’s total annual income,
A certificate of tax payment issued by the revenue office. Withholding Certificate (Gensenchoushuuhyou)is not accepted. 3) Residential Certificate (juminhyo)
If he/she is a foreign resident, he/she must submit his/her Alien Registration certificates (gaikokujin torokusho).
4) Certificate of seal

Following document on the applicant him/herself must be provided
1) Evidence of employment
Either a certificate of employment or a certificate of employment termination must be submitted.
2) Evidence of Income
Documentation of the applicant’s annual income for the last 3 years.
3) Other materials
Other information and certificates may be required according to circumstances.
The legal guarantor is the person who will guarantee the applicant’s conduct and financial support while the applicant studies at N.I.T. The legal guarantor can also be a resident outside Japan. In that case, however, the applicant must also have a legal guarantor living in Japan.

7. Remarks
Applications may be submitted at the admission office of N.I.T or sent by mail.
The application forms and the admission fee are not returnable. Once submitted, the items mentioned in the application forms cannot be changed under any circumstances.
If the application form is completed in a language other than Japanese, Japanese translation must be attached.
False information provided in the application documents shall be grounds for rejection and/or termination of admission.
During the interview, N.I.T will be asking for details regarding the financial supporter of the applicant, or his/her Japanese guarantor. Please make the following information available: nationality, name and contact address. In case of foreign nationality, please also provide his/ her alien registration number, and his/her relations with the applicant.
The legal guardian/guarantor of the applicant and the financial supporter must be the same person.
All required documents and certificates must be issued within 6 months prior to submission.

8. Notification of the admissions decision
A letter of acceptance will be sent to the legal guarantor in Japan by express mail. A letter of acceptance must be kept carefully since it will be required for entrance procedures at N.I.T A copy of such letter will be sent to either the applicant or the guardian living in the applicant’s country.
Notification to the unsuccessful applicants will also be made by mail, to either the applicant or his/her guardian.
Telephone inquiries will not be accepted.

9. Enrollment Procedures
The procedure for enrollment must be completed as soon as possible after he/she receives the letter of acceptance.
1) Deadline for registration
2 weeks after receipt of the letter of acceptance
2) Tuition and fees
The following tuition and fees must be transferred to our bank account using the designated payment slip.

Entrance Fee: 115,000 yen
Tuition: 500,000 yen
Training Fee: 20,000 yen
Insurance: 2,200 yen
637,200 yen

3) Necessary documents
The following documents must be submitted to N.I.T. on or before the deadline:
A. The letter of acceptance
B. Money Transfer Form (for transferring tuition)
C. Application form for the immigration office (ref. to page 13.)
4) Others
When the procedure is completed, A Letter of Admission will be sent to the legal guarantor in Japan, and a copy of such will be sent to either the applicant or the guarantor (residing in the applicant’s country)
Applicants applying while residing in Japan, who hold shugaku visas must change their status to and obtain a proper student visa. The procedure must be completed through Tokyo Immigration Office before entering N.I.T.
After completing the entrance and immigration procedures, applicants must report to the office of the Japanese Language Training Course at N.I.T. and present their letters of acceptance, passports, and alien registration cards.

10. Declining of acceptance and Reimbursement of Tuition
Applicants unable to enter Japan due to appropriate reasons after completion of the entrance procedure must submit the designated form for declining admission, along with a letter stating its reasons, and the certificate of eligibility to the office of the Japanese Language Training Course (BEKKA). All of the tuition and fees will be refunded for cases in which all requirements are met.
Applicants unable to enter Japan, or who otherwise choose to decline admission for personal reasons after completion of the entrance procedure can submit the designated form for declining admission along with a letter of explanation and the Certificate of Eligibility to the office of the Japanese Language Training Course (BEKKA). Tuition and fees except entrance fee will be refunded.
Discovery of false information in the application form or other necessary documents will result in refusal of admission without refund of tuition and fees.
Deadline for declining admission is September 21, 2006. Please note that when the above-mentioned refunds are transferred into the bank account, the bank transfer fee may be deducted from the amount.
The Japanese Language Training Course/BEKKA
345-8501  4-1 Gakuendai, Miyashiro-machi, Minami-Saitama-gun, Saitama-ken, Japan
Telephone +81-480-34-4111 Extension #459
Fax +81-80-33-7563
Office Hours 9:00-11:00, 13:00-16:00 (Monday-Friday)

The office will be closed on Saturdays and Sundays, national holidays and holidays designated by N.I.T.
Any inquiries regarding the Japanese Language Training Program/BEKKA must be made to this office.
Please make an appointment with the office by the phone before submitting the application materials in person directly at the office.

11. Application forms for Immigration Office
Since 2000, under the new system, the university is now able to apply collectively for immigration procedure on behalf of the students coming from abroad. Therefore, the immigration application form 1 and 2 must be carefully prepared and presented to the office of the Japanese Language Training Program during the entrance procedures.
Necessary Documents
1) Application form for Certificate of Eligibility (Designated form of the immigration bureau)
2) 2 photographs(4cm x 3cm)

Application form for Certificate of Eligibility may also be obtained at the immigration bureau.


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