Procedure for Acquiring the Student Visa

Applicants admitted to N.I.T. must obtain student visas to enter Japan. Before obtaining the student visa, a Certificate of Eligibility must be issued. The procedure is as follows:

1) Selection, and acceptance by N.I.T., Entrance Procedure
2) Submitting documents necessary for applying for the Certificate of Eligibility

The Japanese Language Training Program/BEKKA
3) N.I.T. applies collectively for Certificates of Eligibility on behalf of all newly admitted students from abroad.

Immigration Bureau (Qualifications)
4) Issuing the Certificate of Eligibility.
5) Applicants: If he/she does not have passports, he/she must apply for it in their own country.

Applicant-Issuance of his/her Passport Applicant’ Government
6) Applying for student visas * Applicants must present a valid passport and Certificate of Eligibility

Japanese Embassy or Consulate in abroad
7) Issuance of the student visa

Entering Japan
8) Completion of the entrance procedure at the office of the Japanese Language Training Program (BEKKA/N.I.T.)


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