Program Overview

The Japanese Language course provides systematic education on Japanese language to overseas students who wish to study at Nippon Institute of Technology or other technical universities and colleges in Japan. In this course, students will acquire basic abilities necessary for college education.
Apart from listening and expressions in Japanese, the course also provides classes on Current issues on Japan, English, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.

1. Number of students admitted
40 (per academic year)

2. Duration of program
Spring enrollment: One year from April 1
Fall enrollment: One year from October1

3. School Calendar
Spring Semester: April 1 – September 30
Fall Semester: October 1 – March 31
Classes are held from Monday to Friday.
Classes do not meet on National holiday, NIT Foundation day (June 29), during summer break (early August through late August) and winter break (late December through early January).

4. Class Schedule
Classes meet five days a week from Monday through Friday.
A day is divided into five 90-minute class periods, with ten minute breaks between each period.
Fifth period is used for supplementary studies for those interested.
Daily Class Schedule

1st Period 9:20-10:50
2nd Period 11:00-12:30
3rd Period 13:20-14:50
4th Period 15:00-16:30
5th Period 16:40-18:10 (Supplementary classes)

5. Evaluations and Attendance
Students are evaluated based on the results of mid-term and final exams conducted each semester.
Attendance is also required and will count toward grade evaluation. At some classes, 90% attendance is required in order to achieve a passing grade.

6. Academic Requirements
30 credits or more are required for completing the course.

7. Program Outline
Students are required to select and take more than 30 credits from the following compulsory subjects and elective subjects.
Compulsory subjects   Comprehensive Japanese I-XV 30 credits (15 hrs/wk)
Sentence patterns, grammar, reading comprehension, Chinese characters (kanji), vocabulary, writing, listening comprehension.
Each of the compulsory subjects is divided into 4 classes: Elementary-1, Elementary-2, Intermediate-1 and Intermediate-2.

1) Japanese Seminar I-V 10 credit 5 hr/wk
2) Current issues on Japan 2 credit 1 hr/wk
3) English 2 credit 1 hr/wk
4) Math 2 credit 1 hr/wk
5) Physics 2 credit 1 hr/wk
6) Chemistry 2 credit 1 hr/wk
7) Computer Literacy 1 credit intensive

Up to 11 elective credits can be completed over the course of the program.
Kanji Lessons for students with no background in it are considered as electives.
Each Seminars and electives are divided into 3 classes.
Intensive seminars will be held right before the summer brake.

8. Certificate
Certificate of Completion will be issued to those students who had been enrolled in this program for more than one year and also completed a minimum of 30 credits (including both compulsory and elective subjects)

9. Student Life
Academic, career, and general counseling is provided.
Many recreational events and international exchange programs are held each semester.
There is no dormitory for students in NIT. However, we offer assistance to students regarding housing arrangements.
Scholarships are available for students with outstanding academic achievements and therefore recommended to pursue their studies at the undergraduate programs of NIT.
In addition to the medical report submitted along with the application form, all students are required to take the university medical examination upon entrance.


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