Use of Private Information

According to the law regarding the Protection of Private Information (Article 18, Clause 1), the private information provided by the applicant will be used within the sphere of following usages:

1.For Screening Process
1) Reviewing application forms
2) Interviewing
3) Pass/Fail Notice
4) Acceptance Letter
5) Applying for eligibility of residing in Japan

2.For Enrollment Record
1) Registration records
2) Student ID
3) Students Name-List/pictures
4) Contact with Guardian
5) Passport Copies
6) Alien Card Copies
7) Health Insurance Copies
8) Enrollment Report for Immigration Office
9) Official Contact
10) Diploma

3.For Academic Record
1) Transcript
2) Attendance Record

4.For other purposes
1) Entrance Ceremony and Convocation
2) Miscellany for completion of the program(name list with pictures)
3) Health Examination Card
4) Library Card
5) Applying for Accident Insurance
6) Receipt of Tuition and Fee


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