Japanese Language Course for Overseas Students


Providing Japanese language education to those wishing to pursue further studies
at technical universities and colleges in Japan.
The Japanese Language Course for Overseas Students(Bekka) was established to provide a systematic education of the Japanese language to overseas stu dents who wish to study at NIT or other technical colleges and universities in Japan.
Here, students acquire the basic language abilities necessary for college education. The curriculum is designed so that in one year students will be skilled in listening com-prehension, reading and speaking. Audio-visual equipment such as DVDs are actively used for these purposes.

In addition, our program is distinct, thanks to elective courses, such as, “Japanese Exercise,” “Current Japanese Issues,” “Mathematics,” and “Physics” that provide students with the basic knowledge necessary to study at technical colleges and universities in Japan. Furthermore, for students with no background in Chinese characters (kanji), special kanji lessons can be taken. We also offer supplementary courses to those who arrive late in the term.

The program enhances exchanges for undergraduate students with local schools so that students gain experience with Japanese culture that will
be useful in college life. Depending on their academic performance, students who complete this course may be recommended for enrollment in the NIT Faculty of Engineering or its graduate school.

Overseas students enjoying
their time on campus
Japanese Speech Contest for
Overseas Students

Program Outline

Students who enroll in this program for a minimum of one year and complete a minimum of 30 credits (including both required and elective subjects) will receive certificates documenting this achievement.

Required subjects
Comprehensive Japanese I-XV 30 credits for one year (30 hrs/wk)
Sentence patterns, grammar, reading comprehension, kanji, vocabulary, writing, listening comprehension.
1)Japanese Exercise I-V 10 credits 10 hrs/wk
2)Current Japanese Issues 2 credits 2 hrs/wk
3)Math I 2 credits 2 hrs/wk
4)Math Ⅱ 2 credits 2 hrs/wk
5)Physics I 1 credit 1 hr/wk
6)Physics Ⅱ 1 credit 1 hr/wk
7)English 1 credit 1 hr/wk
*Exercises for students unfamiliar with kanji are included among the electives.
Student Life
  • Academic, career, and general counseling is provided.
  • Many recreational events and international exchange programs are held each semester.
  • Although NIT does not provide a dormitory for students, we do offer assistance to students who need to find appropriate housing arrangements.
  • Scholarships are available for students with outstanding academic achievements and therefore recommended to pursue their studies at the undergraduate programs of NIT.
  • In addition to the medical report submitted along with the application form, all students are required to take the university medical examination upon entrance.

International students at Bekka
cooking traditional food for everyone


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