Electrical , Electronics and Communication Engineering


AOYAGI, Minoru
Dr. (Eng.) The University of Tokyo, Electrical and Electronic Materials
Mass transportation under thermal stress
E-mail: aoyagi@nit.ac.jp
Dr. Eng. Keio University, Semiconductor Materials
Impurity diffusion in semiconductor, Synthesis of carbon nanotubes
E-mail: yishika@nit.ac.jp
UGAJIN, Mamoru
Dr. (Eng.) The University of Tokyo, Electronic Engineering
Integrated Circuits, Wireless Hardwares, 2008 & 2012 IEICE’s Testimonials, IEICE Electronics Society, 2009-2011: Editor of IEICE Electronics Express, Member of the editorial advisers for the IEICE journal
E-mail: uga@nit.ac.jp
YOSHINO, Hideaki
Dr. (Sc.) Tokyo Institute of Technology, Communication Traffic Engineering
Traffic Measurement, Analysis, Visualization and Performance evaluation for Information Communication Networks
IEICE Fellow, Communication Society Excellent Paper Award; IEEE GLOBECOM Outstanding Leadership Award; The Operations Research Society of Japan (ORSJ): Case Study Incentive Award
IEICE Auditor; IEEE ComSoc. CQR-TC Chair-Elect; ORSJ Council Member
E-mail: yoshino@nit.ac.jp
YOSHIDA, Kiyoshi
Dr. (Eng.) Nippon Institute of Technology, Electric material and device, Measurement control
Maintaining mechanism of electric contacts arc, Development of measurement
system by computer.
E-mail: yoshida@nit.ac.jp
IKOMA, Norikazu
M.E degree in HOSEI University, Ph.D. degree in SOKENDAI (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies).
Academic or professional disciplines: Particle Filters, State Space Model and State Estimation, Computational Intelligent System, Soft Computing.
Field of research:
1) Theory, methodology, implementation, applications (moving target tracking, human behavior capturing, etc.) of particle filters with construction of demonstration systems.
2) Fusion of intelligent information processing (including AI) and state estimation methods to explore computational intelligent systems.
Best Paper Award of ISCIIA2004, Best Paper Award of ISCIIA2012, JACIII Best Paper Award in 2013 for 2010-2012, SOFT Contribution Award for SCIS&ISIS2014 as General Chair, Achievement Award, International Symposium on Advanced Intelligent Systems 2015 (ISIS2015).
A Councilor of Japan Society of Fuzzy Theory and Intelligent Informatics (SOFT), Advisory Committee of SCIS&ISIS2016, The Chairperson of Research Meeting on Particle Filters, Editor of Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics (JACIII).
Associate Professor of Kyushu Institute of Technology (-2016.3), Visiting Associate Professor of The Institute of Statistical Mathematics (2009.4 – 2012.3).
E-mail: ikoma@nit.ac.jp
UENO, Takahiro
Dr. (Eng.) Keio University, Electro Mechanical Machine
Electrical Sliding Contact, FEM Analysys
E-mail: ueno@nit.ac.jp
TAKASE, Hiroshi
Dr. (Eng.) Nippon Institute of Technology, Information theory and its applications, Wireless network
Coded modulation, Signal processing, GPS application system
HIRAGURI, Takefumi
Ph.D. University of Tsukuba
Wireless communication technology
Study of wireless access control suitable for mobile communication
E-mail: hira@nit.ac.jp
TAKEMURA, Nobuyasu
Associate Professor
Dr. (Eng.) Tokyo University of Science, Applied Electromagnetic Wave Engineering, Antenna Engineering, High-Frequency Electronics
Antennas System of Wireless Power Transfer, Energy Harvesting from Electromagnetic Wave, Antenna Technology
Young Investigators Award from the Institute of Electronics, Communication Engineers (IEICE) of Japan (2003)
E-mail: takemura@nit.ac.jp
KIMOTO, Masanori
Associate Professor
Dr. (Eng.) Kyushu University, Digital Signal Processing
Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Active Noise Control, Blind Source Separation
E-mail: kimoto@nit.ac.jp
KIMURA, Takayuki
Associate Professor
Dr. (Eng.) Saitama University, Optimization, Power Supply, Nonlinear science
Optimization for Power Supply, Chaotic Dynamics Approach for Optimization;
Young Researcher’s Award from The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers;
Postdoctroral Fellow at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (2008.4-2009.9)
Assistant Professor at the Nagasaki University (2009.11-2011.3)
E-mail: tkimura@nit.ac.jp
SHIMIZU, Hiroyuki
Assistant Professor
Dr. (Eng.) Nippon Institute of Technology, High-Voltage Engineering
Degradation evaluation of organic insulating material
IEEJ Excellent Presentation Award(2011)
E-mail: shimizu@nit.ac.jp
OTA, Kenko
Assistant Professor
Dr. (Eng.) Doshisha University, Digital Signal Processing
Noise Reduction, Spoken Language Processing, Singing Voice Synthesis, Wireless Communication System
E-mail: otakenko@nit.ac.jp
Assistant Professor
Dr. (Eng.) , Shibaura Institute of Technology , Electric power system,Eelectric power equipment
Power generation control,Power control, Smart grid , Small hydroelectric generation Wind power, Photovoltaics
Fukui National College of Technology , Salesian Polytechnic
E-mail: dm825574@nit.ac.jp
SHINDO, Takuya
Assistant Professor



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