Nippon Institute of Technology

4-1 Gakuendai, Miyashiro-machi, Minamisaitama-gun, Saitama Pref.
345-8501 JAPAN
Phone Number : 480(34)4111
Fax Number : 0480(33)7527

Information about school buses


(1)Tobu-doubutsukoen Station (West exit) - Main Entrance of NIT
(2)Shin-Shiraoka Station (East exit) - Main Entrance of NIT
Bus Schedules

Fares for all routes

Please purchase a ticket before getting on the bus. You cannot use cash on the school buses.

(1)1-Ride ticket 100 JPY (No refunds)
(2)14-Ride ticket 1,000 JPY (No refunds)
(3)Commuter pass (one period 2,000 JPY)

Tickets Outlet Locations

NIT Create, Student Service Desk: (1)(2)(3)
Ticket Vending Machine (Located in the main entrance foyer of NIT, next to the stairs) : (1)
The store around stations : (1)

Shin-Shiraoka station...MiniStop Shin-Shiraoka (in front of the station)
Tobu-doubutsukoen station...FamilyMart Tobu-doubutsukoen station (in the station foyer next to the ticket machines)
*Although one way and coupon tickets have expiry dates, you can still use these tickets after their expiration date.