Faculty of Fundamental Engineering

Department of Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering

Electric Information and Electricity

This study is necessary as a foundation for electric engineering knowledge. The field is called "electrical engineering" in which high voltage and high current are dealt with. Students master the practical theory and the safety aspects when handling high voltage electricity. The field supports social infrastructure.


Students must study this area of study in which low voltage and low currency are dealt with in order to gain knowledge about electric materials and appliances. It is very important to learn about electronic materials that are used in electronic components and semiconductors. Electronics is one of the familiar disciplines that represents the electronic society.


In today's society without mobile phones, we can hardly communicate with each other, so communication technologies such as wireless communication and information network are indispensable for conveying information. This area of study helps to connect people with each other and also to link people and communication devices.

Information Technology Linked to Electrical Engineering

Information Technology is strongly associated with not only electronic control and digital signal processing, but all areas in electrical and electronic communication. It is a field that connects electronics and social infrastructure to comfortably support our daily lives.