Graduate School

Electronics, Information and Media Engineering Major

Next-Generation Device Application Project

Through experiments and practice students will study next-generation devices and their integrated circuits. Students will construct and then evaluate carbon nanomaterials. Also, students will learn about how devices work using a state-of-the-art built-in CPU, as well as how peripheral devices work. Projectbased learning will broaden students' horizons in this field through learning basic to advanced concepts. For example, making carbon nanomaterials and observing their behavior, and advanced applied fields including peripherals.

Next-Generation Information Technology Project

Information Technology in the next-generation needs to be able to process enormous amounts of complicated and ambiguous data about people. Students will acquire the knowledge of software engineering and electrical engineering through developing artificial intelligence and soft computing programs, then implementing them onto an electronic circuit.

Next-Generation Media Development Project

Students will acquire the latest knowledge of hardware and software technology in regards to both multimedia technology and network technology. Through project-based learning students will design and develop a number of multimedia products. Examples of projects could include: developing an application using wireless sensor networks, or developing interactive video teaching materials on the operating principles of computers.