Graduate School

Mechanical Systems Engineering Major

Product Design Project

The development of mechanical products has become more advanced and complicated because of radical progress on fine processing technology and advanced materials. To develop new mechanical products, it's necessary to master all of the techniques of product development, and to have logical thinking, creativity, and practical skills. Students will propose, design, and then produce a prototype of a new high technology mechanical product.

Next-generation Processing Technology Project

To create next-generation processing technology it's necessary to make use of a variety of interrelated elemental technologies, such as mechanical processing, tribology, and advanced manufacturing. This project aims to discover what the next-generation processing methods will be. This will be done through finding creative processing solutions to current issues.

Robot Creation Project

Robots are made by integrating techniques from a variety of fields, from hardware to software engineering. In addition, the design of a robot depends on the functional requirements of the desired project outcome. The experience of planning and developing the robot project with a team helps students to find creative solutions to overcoming problems, and to develop capabilities which go beyond the field of study.